If you own a Rocky or are just a Rocky enthusuast and have not already done so, consider joining the Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA).  The Trail Mileage Program and Versatility Horse Program are great activities to participate in.  

If you own a registered Rocky born in Kentucky you may be eligible for the Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund program (KHBIF).

RMHA members also receive the RMHA magazine and Rocky Beat newsletter.

Members can also look up registered horses, their owners and their pedigrees on the Rocky Mountain horse online directory.

The RMHA values the support of its members and is proud to offer benefits to enhance your Rocky Mountain experience.  The RMHA is an affiliate member of the American Horse Council.  This membership helps keep the RMHA staff and Board aware of issues facing all horse owners but it also makes available to the members special discounts on many products of use to horse owners everywhere.  Membership in the RMHA makes you eligible for member discounts from a large number of companies.

Following are the RMHA website and facebook pages:

-  Website:  www.rmhorse.com

-  Facebook:   www.facebook.com/rmhorse